Gigabyte Announces USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 Type C External SSD

Gigabyte announced today its foray into the portable external drive by introducing its first external SSD – VISION DRIVE SSD 1TB – with the USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type C interface to the VISION family.  The Gigabyte VISION DRIVE SSD 1TB is integrated with a 1TB PCIe Gen3 x4 solid-state-drive (SSD) for an ultra-high read/write speed of 2000MB/s, four times faster than regular external SSDs.

The black bottom design of VISION DRIVE SSD 1TB makes it less susceptible to soiling from its surroundings and possible to provide a care-free user experience. Under the stylish look, it is equipped with a high-performance and reliable Phison E12 controller chip, a 1TB high-speed NAND Flash, and a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type C interface, user-friendliness, compact size, super-high capacity, and robust performance.

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By using eco-friendly plastic materials less prone to cracking and denting, in conjunction with dozens of reinforced ribs, the final product can have a higher mechanical strength. The SSD module is covered by two independent Nano carbon heatsinks with high thermal conductivity. The cooling effect is further enhanced with well-organized vents located at the bottom and the sides of the case.

No performance is compromised on Vision Drive by implementing advanced thermal Solutions. Heat generators are all covered by standalone nanocarbon coated Aluminum heatsinks and high thermal conductivity pads. In addition, venting holes and rubber foot on the housing doesn’t let hot air circulate inside SSD. The advanced thermal solution safeguards the Vision Drive from overheating and ensuring reliability while maintaining optimal operating temperatures.

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Based on GIGABYTE’s expertise and dedication to product development and design, the newly released VISION DRIVE SSD 1TB performs with excellence in terms of performance and cooling in addition to its near-perfect drop resistance. For content creators who always bring their portable drive with them on the go and those in need of off-site data backup capabilities, the VISION DRIVE SSD 1TB is definitely the ideal choice.