Gigabyte Thunderbolt desktop PC motherboards support 4K resolution displays

Gigabyte today announced that their dual Thunderbolt series of motherboards support 4K resolution monitors in configurations derived from two Mini DisplayPort connectors, each capable of 2K resolution output. Testing was successfully carried out at Gigabyte’s regional facility in Tokyo, Japan with the EIZO FDH3601 high resolution color monitor that is designed for air traffic control and geophysical services.

As the first motherboards to be certified by Intel featuring dual Thunderbolt ports, Gigabyte’s TH models offer up to 10Gbps data transfer speeds from each port: this means you can transfer industry-leading HD graphics and data simultaneously! Each Thunderbolt port complies with the DisplayPort 1.1standard (with support for 2K resolutions from each port), and therefore provide a combined resolution of up to 4K for the ultimate in display specification future-proofing.

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