Himax Introduces CMDI Technology for Thinner, Lighter LED Notebooks

Himax Technologies Inc has introduced the Cascade Modulated Driver Interface (CMDI), a patented technology for LED notebook panels. CMDI technology enables thin and light form factor, lower material costs, and lower power consumption for LED notebook panels and supports resolution of up to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. By implementing Himax’s CMDI technology in LED notebooks, the panel PCB and LED driving board could be combined into one board, reducing the thickness of the notebook panels.

Himax Technologies, Inc. (Himax) is a fabless driver IC design company founded on June 12, 2001. Headquartered in Tainan (a city in southern Taiwan), Himax has branch offices in Hsinchu and Taipei, with technical support offices in Japan, Korea, and China.