HitachiSoft New Johmon Finger Vein Authentication System

HitachiSoft will begin marketing a more compact and lower-priced model of its finger vein authentication device that uses vein patterns in the finger to identify users- Johmon J300. Hitachi Soft will also launch AUthentiGate 02-00, a new functionally improved version of the authentication monitoring system that allows vein patterns in the finger to be monitored through an integrated network of servers. Johmon J300 represents a reduction in area and mass of around 40% compared with its predecessor and costs 75% less that the previous model while maintaining the highest level of authentication accuracy. The authentication monitoring system AUthentiGate 02-00 is compatible with a server layer structure designed for large-scale operating environments with links to an Active Directory and an identification server installed in each base.

Furthermore, a local cache function ensures that the system can be utilized in the event of an emergency, such as when a fault occurs in the network. The two new products will be sold by Hitachi Ltd. as ‘Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication Device’ and ‘Finger Vein Authentication Monitoring System’ respectively from November 30.