HP Media Vault mv2120 keeps digital content secure and accessible

HP_mediavault_S.jpgConsumers are living increasingly digital lifestyles and accumulating rising amounts of digital photos, music, videos and other content. To make it simple for consumers to protect, share and connect to their digital content and Internet entertainment– from home or on the go – HP offers the HP Media Vault mv2120. This is the first in a new category of affordable, easy-to-use products for the central storage, content sharing and backup of all computers on a home or small business network. The mv2120 can be set to automatically back up important media and digital files weekly, daily or continuously – as often as needed. HP Media Vault mv2120 also offers some of the features found in the HP MediaSmart Server, including Photo Webshare, iTunes server and remote access. With Photo Webshare, consumers can create a photo-sharing website on the Media Vault, and with iTunes server, they can centralize their iTunes music library for playback on any computer running iTunes on the network.

Remote access grants designated users enhanced security for accessing important files on the network from any Internet-connected computer, even while outside of the home or office. Additionally, the mv2120 offers exceptionally low power consumption and a smart energy-saving drive spin down feature. The mv2120 ships with 500 GB capacity and is available for approximately $300.