Huawei enhanced Storage System portfolio to support 4TB storage disks

Huawei today announced availability of its enhanced Storage System portfolio to support 4TB storage disks. Working in close collaboration with industry partner, Seagate, Huawei’s storage portfolio enhancement provides customers with advanced storage solutions with increased capacity to improve competitiveness.In addition to supporting 4TB storage disks, Huawei converged SAN and NAS storage protocols in its T Series portfolio to allow for simplified storage architecture, reduced network deployment complexity, and lowered costs in procurement, operation and maintenance (O&M).

The enhanced T Series portfolio was developed in partnership with industry-leading hard disk vendor Seagate. Seagate provided their sixth-generation enterprise-level 3.5-inch disks for Huawei’s innovative storage solutions. This generation of disks provides 4TB per-disk capacity, the largest in the industry, which is ideal for solutions of 24/7 data storage, cloud computing, and data centers.

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