Huawei unveils worlds first Voice Dialing all-in-one HD videoconferencing system-TE30

Huawei will announce the world’s first all-in-one HD videoconferencing system, Huawei TE30, on March 5 at CeBIT 2013. Huawei TE30 is a breakthrough device with major improvements in usability and user experience. Installation and deployment can be wrapped up within 5 minutes, a short wait for a smooth 1080p HD videoconferencing experience. Huawei TE30 leads the industry in offering voice dialing. You just speak out the name of the conference site that you want to connect, and Huawei TE30 will recognize the command and call the site. No more complicated remote control or typing stuff. With a sleek interface and an exquisite rack, Huawei TE30 adopts an All-In-One design with a camera, microphone and codec integrated, eliminating the need for complicated cables to provide a much more tidy and clean setup.

What’s more, Huawei TE30 has the unique Wi-Fi access. You don’t have to worry about the complicated cabling as the microphone array and control pad can all connect to the endpoint via Wi-Fi. In real-world applications, a user with Huawei TE30 can transform a regular conference room into an HD video conference room within 5 minutes, without any assistance from professionals. Huawei TE30 can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or placed on the TV to accommodate the user’s deployment requirements. Huawei TE30 will power the new way of enterprise video communication with its ease of use, low bandwidth requirements, and all-around utility.

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