Hynix 2-Rank 8GB DDR2 RDIMM for AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon-based systems

Hynix announced today the launch of 2-Rank 8GB PC2-4200 RDIMM, featuring MetaRAM’s MetaSDRAM technology. The HYMP31GP72CUP4-C6 effectively doubles the memory capacity of AMD Opteron-based and Intel Xeon-based systems, while lowering power consumption by up to 30% when compared to industry standard 8GB 4-Rank or 4GB 2-Rank modules. The 8GB 2-Rank RDIMM is built with mainstream 1GB DDR2 SDRAMs instead of the significantly more expensive 2GB, thus lowering the cost of the module.

The Hynix HYMP31GP72CUP4-C6 8GB DDR2 RDIMM is available now in production quantities. The 8GB DDR3 2-Rank RDIMM using the MetaRam technology is under development and will be available in production quantities in 2H’08.