Hynix Develops world’s fastest data transfer capability 1-gigabit memory chip

Hynix has developed a new 1-gigabit memory chip called LPDDR2 which boasts the world’s fastest data transfer capability. LPDDR2 is short for low-power double-data-rate memory chips. The new chip is produced with ultra fine 66 nano technology and measures 9 mm by 12 mm. Hynix said it will make the chip versatile by adding various data transfer solutions.The new chip can be activated on an electrical voltage of 1.2 and transfers 800 megabits per second, making it capable to send 50 million Korean letters per second. A Hynix DDR chip developed in August last year transfers 400 megabits per second at 1.8 volt.

A Hynix press release said the chip will give the company a lead in the large-capacity mobile memory market. Mass production of the new chip will start in the fourth quarter of the year.