IBM Announces Powerful Analytics for Everyone- Watson Analytics

Making its biggest announcement in a decade as leader in analytics, IBM today announced Watson Analytics, a breakthrough natural language-based cognitive service that can provide instant access to powerful predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses. According to analysts, only a small fraction of business people use powerful analytics tools as part of their decision making today1. Watson Analytics is designed to make advanced and predictive analytics easy to acquire and use.

IBM_Watson AnalyticsThe first release of Watson Analytics will include a freemium version of its cloud-based service designed to run on desktop and mobile devices. Watson Analytics offers a full range of self-service analytics, including access to easy-to-use data refinement and data warehousing services that make it easier for business users to acquire and prepare data – beyond simple spreadsheets – for analysis and visualization that can be acted upon and interacted with. IBM Watson Analytics uses natural language to make interaction with powerful, predictive analytics easier with the ability to understand key questions.

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