IBM Unveils z15 With Industry-First Data Privacy Capabilities

IBM today announced IBM z15, a new enterprise platform delivering the ability to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multicloud environments. With z15, clients can manage who gets access to data via policy-based controls, with an industry-first capability to revoke access to data across the hybrid cloud. IBM z15 can process up to 1 trillion web transactions a day and Process up to one trillion web transactions a day5, support massive databases, and scale-out to 2.4 million Linux containers in a single z15 system — up to 2.3 times more Linux containers per core on a z15 LPAR versus a compared bare-metal x86 platform, running an identical web server load. IBM z15 features new cloud-native development tools and instant recovery technology to optimize resiliency.

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The movement of data between partners and third parties is often the root cause of data breaches. In fact, 60 percent of businesses reported they suffered a data breach caused by a vendor or third party in 20181. With the growing adoption of hybrid multicloud environments, the importance of maintaining data security and privacy only grows more acute and challenging.

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The IBM z15 culminates four years of development with over 3,000 IBM Z patents issued or in process and represents collaboration with input from over 100 companies.