Infineon Introduces Next-Generation of Energy-Saving MOSFET Devices

At the Power Systems World 2006 trade show today, Infineon Technologies AG announced its next-generation family of power semiconductors used for DC/DC converter applications in computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics devices. The new OptiMOS 3 30V N-channel MOSFET family improves reliability and energy efficiency of 1 to 1.3 percent in typical power supply applications by featuring industry-leading performance in key power conversion measures, such as on-state resistance, power density and gate charge. A 1 percent improvement in 1,200 W server power systems worldwide would result in about 360 megawatts savings per year, potentially eliminating the need for one conventional power plant. The performance characteristics of OptiMOS 3 technology allow power supply manufacturers to achieve desired performance levels using fewer devices, resulting in a 33 percent reduction in the number of MOSFETs typically required to implement a DC/DC converter. In addition to providing the flexibility to develop smaller DC/DC converters for a required power rating, OptiMOS 3 devices can be used to increase the output power of a power supply at a given standard size.

logo_nav.jpgAdditionally, OptiMOS 3 can extend the life of batteries in notebooks, and provide energy savings in server and telecommunications systems. Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions for automotive, industrial and multimarket sectors, for applications in communication, as well as memory products through its subsidiary Qimonda.
Via Infineon