Intel-themed motorcycle with quad-core embedded processors

To commemorate 30 years in embedded computing, Intel Corporation today unveiled an Intel-themed and embedded technology-based motorcycle from Orange County Choppers. This 250-horsepower chopper – designed using quad-core Intel computers – is more than just a mechanical powerhouse; it’s also a marvel of embedded technology with an ultra-mobile PC powering fingerprint recognition for security and a digital dashboard with ignition control, digital gauges, cameras that replace rear-view mirrors, integrated audio and video systems, GPS navigation and wireless connectivity.
The custom-built motorcycle, launched simultaneously in the Internet-based virtual world of Second Life, celebrates 30 years of Intel’s innovation and technology leadership in advancing embedded computing. In 1976, before the advent of the personal computer, Intel entered the embedded market and provided extended life cycle support for technologies, silicon and platforms that drive this industry. Intel embedded technology can be found today in automobiles, airplanes, ATMs, information kiosks, telecommunications infrastructure and network storage systems, as well as factory and medical equipment.

Intel engaged with Black Diamond Advanced Technology, a leader in the development of ultra-mobile computing systems, to integrate the motorcycle’s computerized controls and features that protect the computing system from moisture, dirt, shock and vibration and offer a computerized dashboard capable of being detached and used as a mobile PC.