IOGEAR GPEN100C Digital Scribe Translates Longhand Notes to Text

Handwritten memos and drawings can now be transferred from plain paper and edited on a computer with IOGEAR’s new Digital Scribe (GPEN100C). IOGEAR GPEN100C Digital Scribe uses standard ink refills and enables longhand notes and sketches to be stored on a PC through a USB connection and converted into digital text. The IOGEAR GPEN100C Digital Scribe is ideal for the avid note taker, such as doctors, lawyers and even students, who doesn’t have time to sit in front of a computer and type lengthy documents. By attaching an electronic receiver at the top of a notepad and connecting it to a computer through a USB port, an ultrasonic transmitter located in the base of the pen and an infrared sensor capture all hand movements. The handwriting optical character recognition (OCR) software installed on the PC is able to convert notes, including those written in cursive, into digital text and supports 10 different languages.

IOGEAR Digital Scribe can also capture shapes and sketches and export them as JPEG images, eliminating the hassle of using cumbersome drawing tools on a computer. Additionally, Microsoft Messenger users can write during instant messaging chat sessions with the Scribe, as well as transfer drawings. The Digital Scribe contains patented technologies and is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office programs 2000 and above and is available for $99.95.