IOGEAR’s Mobile Digital Scribe Stores and converts handwritten memos and sketches to a PC for easy editing

Avid note takers can now leave their laptops at home and store handwritten notes and drawings to later upload onto a PC in digital text with IOGEAR’s Mobile Digital Scribe. IOGEAR’s Mobile Digital Scribe is Ideal for students and medical or legal professionals who need to take down information when on-the-go, the product’s pen works on any paper and uses standard ink refills. An ultrasonic transmitter and infrared sensor capture hand movements while a receiver attached to a notepad stores up to 50 pages of memos and images. The regular pen size and weight give users a comfortable writing experience. By connecting the receiver to a PC with the included USB cable, the handwriting recognition software translates notes into text and saves sketches as JPEGs for consumers to conveniently save, edit and organize.The Mobile Digital Scribe has additional functionality when connected to the computer and can serve as a mouse or writing device and select and click on items on the screen.

The IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe is compatible with 12 languages and Microsoft Windows operating systems Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office programs 2000 and above. It is priced at $129.95 and comes with IOGEAR’s limited one-year warranty.