Japan Display announces World’s First Mass Production of WQHD High Resolution LCD with In-cell Touch

WQHD High Resolution LCD_Japan_DisplayJapan Display has announced the world’s first mass production start of a WQHD (1440 x 2560) high resolution LCD module with in-cell touch. WQHD is currently the highest resolution used in displays for smartphone applications, and it is expected that this market demand will grow significantly. Although it is more difficult to achieve in-cell touch integration in displays with higher resolution, JDI has succeeded to produce the world’s first WQHD in-cell touch LCD module. The new WQHD module from Japan Display incorporates the in-cell technology used in Pixel Eyes, and has 1.8 times the number of pixels as compared to full-HD (1080 x 1920) high resolution display.

Japan_Display_world's first Pixel Eyes 5JDI’s advanced Pixel Eyes will contribute to the WQHD smartphone market development due to its high functionality and ease of adoption into smartphone devices. JDI will continue to offer attractive display products featuring advanced technologies, based on its core low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology.Japan Display announced mass production start of the world’s first Pixel Eyes 5.0-inch Full-HD (1,080 x 1,920 pixels) TFT LCD module on October 8, 2013.

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