Just Time GPS –USB device corrects the PC time via GPS satellite

NittsuSystem Japan announced the launch of Just Time-GPS unit. The, USB device corrects the time of PC by retrieving the accurate time from GPS satellites. The device receives signals from GPS satellites reference time information to correct the time of the PC in the second precision 0.3 ±. The GPS unit and the receiving unit are connected by a LAN cable between them. Receiving unit can be placed near a window, where there are no obstacles.

The NittsuSystem Time-GPS can receive GPS time at one-minute intervals. There is no need for external power supply, as the system is powered by USB. The device is suitable for time correction of PC and server. The device measures 65 × 65 × 30mm, weighs less than 150g and the expected price is 24,990 yen ($267). The device supports OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008.

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