JVC Releases World’s First single-sided dual layer DVD-RW disc with 8.5GB storage capacity

JVC today announces the release of a single-sided Dual Layer DVD-RW disc for data capable of storing large amounts of data through continuous rewriting. The new JVC single-sided dual layer DVD-RW disc has a single sided recording capacity of 8.5GB, which is similar to the single-sided Dual Layer DVD-R discs and 1.8 times the recording capacity of conventional single-sided DVDs. In addition to the space saving advantages provided by the new DVD-RW discs, superior operability is attained through deletion and rewriting of data. The new JVC DVD-RW discs are both economical and environmentally friendly as they can be reused repeatedly.

A proprietary high performance hard coat treatment on the surface of the disc’s recording side means that this recording surface is protected against scratches, dust, and dirt that interfere with disc reading or writing, making this disc perfect for long term storage of important data. JVC produces the discs under stringent quality control used for producing all of its DVD-RW discs, from manufacturing through final assembly, all handled by the same factory in Japan.