Kingston Technology Unveils 2-GB ValueRAM SO-DIMMs

Kingston Technology Company, Inc, today announced it is first to offer a full production launch of 2-GB 533 MHz and 667 MHz ValueRAM SO-DIMMs concurrent with the release of new 800 MHz ValueRAM SO-DIMMs. The new larger capacity, high-performance memory modules are designed to meet the growing demands of notebook computers and miniPCs; the faster speed SO-DIMMs are in preparation for the industry migration to the 800 MHz platform.The new Kingston ValueRAM 2-GB SO-DIMMs are designed to deliver the premium experience for laptop users

Kingston’s new 2-GB SO-DIMM is a great inclusion particularly for AOpen’s miniPC and the Mini-ITX motherboard products. The Kingston ValueRAM 2-GB 533 MHz and 667 MHz SO-DIMM Features: 1.8 Volts operation, delivering 50% less power usage, Memory signal termination inside the memory chip prevents reflected signal transmission errors.