Knowles Electronics Japan exhibits Built-in AD Converter Microphone for Windows Vista at CEATEC JAPAN 2006

Knowles Electronics Japan is the Japanese sales company of U.S.-based Knowles Electronics Inc. Knowles Electronics is the world’s leading manufacturer of miniature audio transducers, microphones, receivers, wax protection systems, acoustic dampers, and accessories for the hearing health industry. Knowles Electronics will focus on two silicon microphones made using MEMS technology. They are the SPM0204LE5, which is mounted on the reverse side of the board, and the SPM0205HD4, which has a built-in analog-to-digital (AD) converter. When mounting the SPM0204LE5, the microphone part is positioned on the board side. When used in cellular telephones, this enables the gap between the panel of the numeric keypad and the platform to be reduced. With the SPM00205HD4, the AD conversion process takes place inside the microphone. This helps prevent interference caused by wiring, as well as deterioration in sound quality. The Windows Vista operating system, due for release later in 2006, requires microphones in two locations.

When mounting a microphone in the liquid crystal part of a laptop, for example, there is considerable deterioration of sound quality if an analog microphone is used, due to the length of the wiring. Consequently, there are huge benefits to be gained by switching to digital. Knowles Electronics Japan expects their products to become widely used in new mobile telephone and laptop models that are currently under development.