LaCie announces 5big Office Series- latest five-bay network attached storage solutions

Today LaCie announced the 5big Office Series, its latest five-bay network attached storage solutions. With easy setup, collaboration and total data protection, the 5big Office Series is a solid long-term investment for any small business. They feature the industry-trusted Windows Server operating systems and a powerful Intel Atom processor. The 5big Office, powered by Windows Home Server 2011, is perfect for backing up as many as 10 PCs. The 5big Office+, powered by Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials, backs up as many as 25. Get up and running in a flash on either system with a straightforward setup process and a familiar Windows environment. The 5big Office Series helps business groups collaborate like no comparable NAS.

With the 5big Office Series, LaCie made no compromise on hardware. The 1.6GHz Intel 64-bit Atom processor and 2GB of RAM enables maximum simultaneous data access and backups for all employees. Additionally, the 5big Office Series’ efficient cooling system protects internal components, ensuring long-term reliability. The LaCie 5big Office is available in single-disk 2TB capacity and the 5big Office+ is available in single-disk 2TB or five-disk 10TB capacities starting at $599.00.

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