LaCie 324 Wide LCD Monitor for Creative Professionals

LaCierecently announced its new 24-inch LaCie 324 LCD Monitor targeting the needs of creative professionals. Equipped with an industry-leading S-PVA panel, which offers superb colors thanks to its wide 92 percent NTSC gamut, the new LaCie 324 also embeds a 10-bit gamma correction mechanism that minimizes banding and ensures color gradients are smoothly rendered. With its 16:10 wide-screen format, this monitor can showcase two letter-size (A4) pages side by side with additional room for palettes and toolbars.
The LaCie 324 supports high definition video up to, and including, 1080p sources. And with its embedded Faroudja DCDi and TrueLife video technologies, video content appears at its best. The monitor embeds noise removal and adaptive contrast features that further enhance moving images. The LaCie 324 accepts four simultaneously connected computers or video sources through its VGA, DVI and two HDMI ports, and supports HDCP for Blu-Ray and HD DVD compatibility.
Two of these sources can be simultaneously viewed in picture-in-picture mode. To further enhance the workspace, LaCie 324 monitor features a touch sensitive control panel and has both a built-in three-port USB 2.0 hub and a speaker/headphone port, thus allowing the user to conveniently connect most peripherals directly to their display.

The LaCie 324 display will be available end of January starting at $999. Other bundle options include the LaCie 324, plus calibration software and hood or the LaCie 324 plus calibration software, hood, and LaCie Blue Eye Pro colorimeter.