LaCie Ethernet Disk mini – Home Edition 500GB personal media server

LaCie announces the groundbreaking Ethernet Disk mini – Home Edition, a 500GB personal media server designed to Save, Show, Sync and Share your personal digital media at home and on the road. The LaCie Home Edition comes pre-configured for easy drag-and-drop sharing of documents, music, photos, and videos so that digital content will never be out of touch. Powered by Axentra HipServ, users can setup free remote access to their personal information via LaCie’s media portal, Stored files can be viewed simply and securely via any Internet browser, and by utilizing HipServ’s easy-to-use menu, users can grant customizable-access to friends and family through email invitations. Locally, photos can be shared and viewed on any UPnP TV or from any Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony Play station 3.

The LaCie Home Edition is a cost-effective home server utilizing Gigabit Ethernet for easy data transfers from any PC or Mac. With an additional USB 2.0 port, users can back up to an additional external hard drive. The Ethernet Disk mini – Home Edition’s large storage capacity of 500GB can hold approximately 500,000 photos, 125,000 songs, or 500 movies. The LaCie Ethernet Disk mini – Home Edition be available late October for approximately $199.