Lenovo First PC Manufacturer to Announce Client Virtualization Platform

Intel and Lenovo today announced a new Dynamic Virtual Client solution; a storage-based desktop that will be available soon called the Secure Managed Client (SMC). The Lenovo Secure Managed Client delivers standard or customized desktop images directly from a protected storage area network via an innovative virtualized connection to a Lenovo M-series client with vPro technology. The software and data are all centrally managed, but local execution on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor assures high performance, even on demanding applications. The SMC solution consists of a client, a hard drive-less ThinkCentre desktop PC Intel vPro technology, a Lenovo co-developed software stack and a centralized Lenovo Storage Array, powered by Intel.

SMC offers several significant benefits over current server-based computing options such as blade PCs, thin clients or desktop virtualization.The Lenovo SMC solution is currently being offered on the ThinkCentre M57p desktop PC, and to be offered on the ThinkCentre M58p in early 2009. The recently launched Lenovo M58p is the greenest, most secure and most manageable ThinkCentre desktop yet. The Secure Managed Client solution is available immediately in North America, and is planned to be released worldwide in mid 2009.