Lexar launches new JumpDrive Mercury with built-in capacity meter

The new Lexar JumpDrive Mercury provides a simple way to monitor available storage capacity with an innovative on-board capacity meter that displays the amount of drive storage space and retains its display after being unplugged from your computer. The first of its kind to leverage innovative electronic paper display technology from E Ink Corporation, Lexar JumpDrive Mercury boasts a paper thin, low-power capacity display that is controlled by embedded software and functions independently of the host computer. The Lexar JumpDrive Mercury is available in1GB and 2GB capacity with an easy to read 10-bar capacity meter.Enjoy peace of mind that all your data is safe when using JumpDrive Mercury, which includes free Secure II advanced security software.

Create multiple password-protected areas called Encrypted Vaults and use the File Shredder feature to securely delete files so they can never be recovered. The JumpDrive Mercury is available in a 1GB version for $50 and 2GB models for $80.