LG All-in one PC-29V940 offers cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio

LG All-in one PC-29V940_KoreaLG today announced the launch of All-in one PC-29V940 for Korean market. The body thickness is only 20mm, found in LG’s Ultrabook laptops. The ultra-slim All-in one PC-29V940 is powered by the high-performance 4th generation Intel i5 processor. Other specs include 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD. The 29-inch IPS display has an aspect ratio of 21:9, providing a cinematic view with its WHFD 2560×1080-resolution screen.

LG All-in one PC-29V940_KoreaThe AIO 29V940 PC is ideal for multi-tasking business purpose and perfect for a wide variety of image viewing, including watching movies, gaming and Internet lecture course.

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