LG announces high-end professional graphics monitor series based on IPS technology

LG has introduced a new monitor series based on in-plane switching (IPS) technology, the IPS5. The LG IPS5 series is the latest version of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) Award winning monitor line-ups of the LG IPS1 and LG IPS6 series. The LG IPS5 series has been upgraded with expert color calibration to ensure that colors remain sharp and true. By replacing TN (twisted nematic) panels with IPS, the IPS5 series provides exceptionally realistic images with enhanced color accuracy. This accuracy is further assured by a report on color-calibration prepared by LG experts, which accompanies the monitors. The IPS5 series is one of very few high-end professional graphics monitors to offer such a guarantee. In turn, customers can be assured that onscreen colors are identical to real-life colors.

The IPS5 monitors maintain color temperatures at an optimum level of around 6,500K (Kelvin), enabling reproductions of colors closest to the original. With its Dual Package feature, the IPS5 allows easy configuration of a second display, such as setting the split main monitor screen in dual mode, connecting a second monitor with a single click and showing the task bar on both monitors. The IPS5 series is available this month while the IPS5P will be introduced in Europe in November.