LG IPS231 and IPS236 monitors named Best Entry Level Photo Monitors at the 2011 TIPA Awards in Istanbul

LG’s IPS231 and IPS236 monitors have been named Best Entry Level Photo Monitor at the 2011 Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) Awards in Istanbul last month. According to TIPA, LG’s IPS231 and IPS236 monitors were recognized for their precise color rending capability and wide viewing angle thanks to a combination of fast LED backlighting and state-of-the-art IPS panel technology in addition to their affordability. These features are highly appreciated by amateurs and enthusiasts alike, allowing them to enjoy the full quality of the video and photo image displayed on the screen. The LG IPS231 and IPS236 monitors deliver advanced picture quality without any color shift along with a wide viewing angle. The IPS236 has a sophisticated design for general home users and the IPS231 adopted an ergonomic design with a pivot and height adjustable stand convenient for photographers and graphic designers.

LG SUPER LED IPS, part of LG’s SUPER LED monitor line-up, is built on the company’s exceptional technology that offers the four advanced features of SUPER Slim, SUPER Picture Quality, SUPER Angle and SUPER Energy Saving. TIPA consists of 29 member magazines from 13 countries around the world, making it one of the largest and most influential photographic and imaging press associations globally.

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  1. Anonymous

    Perfectly fine monitor. Especially for the price. For gaming its fine too but there are better alternatives out there if your main purpose is gaming. In my case this monitor has been a free replacement of a 24inch LG monitor I owned befor(LG flatron w2443PA)
     Compared to that one, this one is a lot brighter and colorful. With the IPS display the colors really pop a lot more. The standard image settings the monitor come with are a bit blueish though, but those can be adjusted in the easy to navigate on screen menus. Also the 1 inch loss becomes less and less noticable through time. All in all very satisfied with this monitor.

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