LITE-ON LH-20A1P Fastest DVD Writer in the World

LiteOn announced today the release of the fastest DVD Writer in the world: The 20X Super AllWrite LH-20A1P.The new DVD Writer takes around 5 minutes to backup 4.7 GB data on an excellent single layer 16X DVD+R or DVD-R media at 20X maximum. With the innovative SMART-WRITE technology LH-20A1P will automatically detect and decide the optimal write strategy of DVD recordable media (DVD+R & DVD-R) for the best write quality. This Super All Write Drive supports all of DVD formats: DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-RAM. LITE-ON LH-20A1P is able to rewrite certified DVD-RAM media at 12X maximum, write DVD+R DL ( Double Layer ) media & DVD-R DL ( Dual Layer ) media at 8X maximum, rewrite High-Speed DVD+RW at 8X maximum, rewrite High-Speed DVD-RW at 6X maximum, and read DVD-ROM media at 16X maximum.

This Super AllWrite Drive can write CD-R media at 48X maximum, rewrite Ultra-Speed CD-RW media at 32X maximum, and read CD-ROM media at 48X maximum. The LITE-ON LH-20A1P measures 145(W) x 41.3(H) x 170(D) mm and weighs approximately 900gm.The new LITE-ON LH-20A1P is your best choice for recording large volumes of DVD audio & video.