Logicool VN-350 wireless Number pad

Use one-touch application keys for instant access to Excel, Calculator, and the Web operations with Logicool VN-350 2.4GHz band wireless Number pad for Notebooks. The device is compatible with OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Extra shortcut keys speed up Excel operations. The Logicool VN-350 wireless Number pad has a 10m range. A battery power indicator tells you when the charge is getting low and a single battery lasts up to six months. A compact profile and soft grips make the number pad easy to hold and use. When you’re done with calculations, the micro-receiver snaps into the number pad for easy storage and transport.

The Logicool VN-350 wireless Number pad measures96×145×29mm, weigh 163g and will be available in Japan from August 24th for approximately 4,980 Yen ($42). The stylish pouch protects your number pad when you’re on the move.