Mitsubishi Electric Develops Cyber-attack Detection Technology for Critical Infrastructure Systems

Mitsubishi Electric today announced the development of a cyber-attack detection technology that quickly identifies network traffic that deviates from predefined normal commands in the control systems of critical infrastructure. The technology is the first in the world, as of May 17, 2017, to define the detection rules based on the normal commands for each operational state of the control system and to interpret deviations from the normal commands as attack. The cyber-attack detection technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric contributes to infrastructure stability by reducing the detection time and ensuring minimal influence on control-system processes that must finish within certain time limits.

The cyber-attack detection technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric detects ingenious cyber attacks disguised as normal commands targeted on critical infrastructure for electric power, natural gas, water, chemicals and petroleum without reducing the real-time control capability, which is expected to help ensure infrastructure stability. Real-time operation is ensured for the control system under our consideration when attack detection is in use because the technology does not involve a time-consuming matching process for suspicious patterns. Commercialization for electric power infrastructure is planned from around fiscal 2018.

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