MSI barebone PC system Hetis H61 series uses Intel H61 chipset and support the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor

MSI today announced the launch of its new-generation barebone PC system: the Hetis H61 series. This series uses the latest Intel H61 chipset, and support the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor and 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor as well. The GPU built into the processor can be used to share a wide range of resources; processor core resources and GPU resources can be automatically transferred and reallocated to meet the current needs of the individual user, making for improved processing speed and enhanced working efficiency.

The Hetis H61 Ultra supports VGA, DVI and HDMI output interfaces, which expands the potential range of usage applications, enabling the PC to be used with a wide range of different video devices, and ensuring support for dual-screen output. The Hetis H61 Ultra also features the latest USB 3.0 transmission interface. MSI Hetis H61 Ultra measures 320 mm × 94 mm × 320 mm, making this a compact design that doesn’t take up too much space regardless of whether it is positioned upright or flat on the ground.

MSI’s Hetis H61 Ultra has two COM ports to support use in business environments with POS systems, such as hotel registration desks, 24-hour convenience stores, mass merchandisers and filling stations. These COM ports make it possible to link the PC up directly to a barcode reader, credit card reader or credit card terminal; the MSI Hetis H61 Ultra is thus ideal for use not only by individuals and in office environments, but also for other business purposes. The Hetis H61 Ultra can optionally be equipped with a TPM security module to provide an even higher level of protection for personal data.

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