MSI Wind Box DC110 mini PC runs on Windows 8

MSI today announced the launch of its new-generation Wind Box DC110. The Wind Box DC110 is equipped with Intel Mobile 847 1.1GHz ULV dual-core processor for impressive multi-tasking performance. The 847 Processor requires only 17W TDP to operate, much less power than the average desktop. The MSI Wind Box Dc110 with 320GB SATA II HDD, 2GB DDR3 1333memory comes pre-installed with Windows 8. The Wind Box DC110 provides one an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia interface) and one VGA out which allows the units to be connected to a second monitor. MSI DC110 also provide SPDIF out can support 5.1 channel audio. Based on the utilities I/O ports, DC110 has capabilities to be the best choice of Home Theater PC.

The Wind Box DC110 is just 191.8 mm × 150.93 mm × 34.94 mm in size, and weighs only around 830 grams. The DC110’s unique snow board style base makes it easy to store and move around.Using cloud technology, users can use their tablet, laptops, TVs that support DLNA, and mobile handsets on the same Wi-Fi and LAN network to play videos and music or display photos instantaneously via SmartMedia link. The Wind Box DC110 mini-PC is the space-saving solution for all computing tasks such as internet, email and office applications as well as TV, music, video and photo playback.

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