MSI announces World’s First Hybrid Storage Netbook

MSI U115 is world’s first Hybrid notebook computer that is capable of operating both SSD and HDD hard drives simultaneously. The MSI U115 Hybrid functions primarily with the SSD system, offering a reliable, shock-absorbent, and speedy operating environment. You have the option of choosing the SSD system while operating with Windows, and selecting the HDD hard drive for file storage. The SSD system if much faster than HDD when retrieving files and it takes up less power. It is also much more shock-absorbent while riding on the train or the MRT.

The MSI U115 Hybrid is embedded with the LED power-saving backlight technology in providing better fullness and brightness in color, elevating the total quality of imagery. Furthermore, the lower usage of power can offer a longer operating time. With MSI Exclusive Hybrid Storage Technology, in the “ECO on” mode, the battery life of U115 Hybrid is super long.