MSI AP1900- World’s slimmest All-in-One LCD PC

MSI AP1900 is the world’s slimmest AIO (All-in-One) LCD PC design with only 35mm in width. AP1900 can minimize space usage while broadening the visual capacity like other LCD monitors. The Black Bars on the top and the bottom of the screen can also be avoided. MSI AP1900 provides a 160 degrees wide visual experience. The AP1900 is equipped with the Intel Atom processor. It has all the outstanding features as the regular PC, added with energy-saving and noise-reduction functions. The MSI AP1900 can be adjusted back and forth from 5° to 15° depending on the need, making work more effortless and efficient. The embedded high pixel webcam with dual track quality microphone, along with 2 sets of 3 watts realistic speakers all incorporate in one complete body design, saving space at your work station while expressing a sense of slickness and technology.

The rear side of AP1900 has selected the shin UV glossy coating for brightness and an elegant appearance. It looks absolutely perfect from every angle. MSI AP1900 with Multi-DVD burner measures 550 x 420 x 35mm and weigh 4KG.