MSI AP2011 Business All-in-One PC is 70% power efficient compared to a conventional desktop PC

MSI today announced the launch of a new all-in-one PC designed specifically for business users: the Wind Top AP2011. The industry-leading adoption of LED panel, integration of the display into the main body of the PC, and brand-new industrial design make for a neat, uncluttered desktop. The new MSI Wind Top AP features the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor, the first processor of its kind to have the graphics processing unit (GPU) and CPU integrated onto the same chip. The Sand Bridge equipped MSI Wind Top All-in-One PCs for business users provide outstanding performance while maintaining efficient power usage.The Wind Top AP2011 features unique energy-saving technology, providing power consumption that is approximately 30% lower than conventional CCFL panel.

MSI has given the Wind Top AP2011 a range of additional features specially designed to meet the needs of business users, including the provision of multiple COM ports, the ability to link the AP2011 up to a barcode reader, credit card reader or credit card terminal. With its energy-saving design and its unique combination of advanced technology and efficient functionality, the Wind Top AP2011 is ideal for both individual users and business enterprises.