MSI displays Worlds First Android-based Overclocking Utility for Graphics Cards at Computex 2011

MSI announced the Android version of its popular Afterburner overclocking utility for graphics cards at Computex 2011. The pioneering Android overclocking utility was co-developed by MSI and software programmer Nick Connors. The new Afterburner utility enables Android phones and tablets to monitor or overclock a graphics card by connecting to the Afterburner utility installed on a PC over a Wi-Fi connection. For enthusiasts who like to monitor the operation of their graphics cards, they can now do so through their mobile phone or tablet, even while playing the FPS games, without having to use a separate display.

For extreme overclocking enthusiasts, they can use their mobile phone to monitor frequency, temperature and voltage parameters in real time while their computer is running full-screen testing software. Key parameters can even be adjusted on the fly for specific testing scenarios to make breaking world records in performance even easier.