MSI EX300-Fashionable Notebook Down to Its DNA

msi_ex300_R.jpgThe new MSI EX300 notebook has incorporated the concept of athleticism into the modern world of notebook computer, packing it with excitement and energy. The simple and yet fluid body design adapted the idealism of “Athletic DNA” and “Mobile Technology”, making the MSI EX300 the leader of fashionable styling. The Dazzling Blue/Brilliant Red gives it the most definable character of sportsmanship, expressing true individualism. The EX300 features the latest Intel Centrino Processor Technology, which uses Intel Core2 Duo processor and Intel PM45 Express Chipset, to deliver innovative mobile solutions with unrivaled processor performance, stunning new HD capabilities, great wireless connectivity, and long battery life.

The MSI EX300’s 13.3″ display is perfect for reading text large or small. It surpasses text viewing on a 12″ notebook display and is more portable than a 14″ notebook, giving you a more balanced notebook. MSI EX300 notebook measures 303mm in length, 231mm in width, and 24-30mm in height, along with a weight of 1.9kg (including battery).