MSI G41M-FIDP mainboard with onboard DisplayPort for smooth HD playback

MSI G41M-FIDP mainboard utilizes Intel G41 Express chipset, built-in GMA X4500 graphics and Clear Video Technology to provide smooth HD playback through the DisplayPort or DVI output with 7.1 channel HD audio enables users to experience the perfect multimedia contents. The new G41M-FIDP is the first mainboard built-in DisplayPort digital output of MSI. The DisplayPort is the next generation digital output which is optimized for personal computer, delivering twice the performance of DVI over a much smaller USB sized connector. It also supports HDCP and its compatible with all existing video output to provide better multimedia experience.

Compared to the previous graphics, the MSI G41M-FIDP offers smoother and sharper HD playback on video and efficient 3D graphics for casual gaming with DX10 support. With the hardware decoding acceleration in X4500, the G41M-FIDP enables users to play Blu-ray movie smoothly with the lower CPU utilization.