MSI GT628 powerful gaming notebook for high-resolution 3D graphics

sound.jpgThe aluminum and fiery red on a compact chassis gives the MSI GT628 an eye-catching appearance that makes a great impression and the audio-video and processing performance inside will blow you away. The MSI GTS628 comes with the Intel Core2 Duo processor, high-end nVidia Geforce GTS 160M 3D discrete graphic card with 1GB of DDR3 graphic memory, a big 15.4″ LCD display, 2W high output speakers and Dolby Sound support for outstanding processing power and audio-video performance. Simply press the Turbo button located above the keyboard while AC power is connected and the MSI proprietary Turbo Drive Engine instantaneously boosts performance. This blazing fast performance on tap provides the thrill of pure speed and power to the gaming world.

Weighing just 2.7kg with the battery installed, the MSI GT628 not only represents a fusion of fashion quality and performance, but also radiates an incomparable impression of high technology! With the GT628, the gamer is set to enjoy the ultimate in audio-video entertainment, blazing fast speeds and exciting gaming aesthetics!