MSI K9NU Speedster server board and K1-106 rack server

MSI announced the launch of motherboards K9NU-Speedster and server barebones K1-106 series supporting AMD Quad-Core Opteron. Coupled with NVIDIA nForce 3400 chipset, MSI K9NU-Speedster Series motherboards and K1-106 Series server barebones focusing on entry server market support single AMD Opteron 2200 series quad-core processor. K9NU-Speedster Series and K1-106 Series provide eight DIMM supporting maximum 32GB registered ECC DDR2-533/667 memory combined with higher frequency bus for more bandwidth, performance of system boosts. In addition, high performance XGI Volari Z7 graphic processor with 16MB video memory can meet users’ need without adding another discrete graphic adapter. For topless graphic performance, K9NU-Speedster Series and K1-106 Series provide two PCI-E x16 slot supporting NVIDIA SLI technology for future expansion.

MSI K9NU-Speedster Series and K1-106 Series provide six SATA II ports with RAID 0/1/0+1/5 mode for more efficient data processing, higher transfer performance, and much secure data integrity. Two PCI-E x1 slot and one 32bit PCI slot enjoy the advantage on expansion for future growth. K9NU-Speedster Series and K1-106 Series introduce latest heatpipe thermal solution. Compared with independent big heat-sinks or fans, heatpipe enjoys better performance, stability and space-save. Consequently, heatpipe can extend product life and avoid overheat.