MSI Launched RX2900XT Series 3D Graphic Card

rx2900xt.jpgMSI launched today RX2900XT Series 3D Graphic Card using ATI’s latest innovative R600 family chipset with 320 stream processor and native CrossFire multi GPU support. Unleashing the awesome power of DirectX 10, RX2900XT surpass reality with CrossFire scalability, HDMI and 5.1 surround audio for an immersive HD gaming experience.The newest MSI RX2900XT is introducing phenomenal new technology in gaming and multimedia. With a powerful 2nd generation unified shader architecture, it introduces the era of immersive HD gaming, delivering astonishing frame rates at all resolutions and new visual quality modes for breathtaking realism. To take full advantage of dual graphic cards, RX2900XT is supporting new structure of multi-GPU CrossFire technology. With inclusion of 2 CrossFire bridge can run dual GPU mode while they’ve been set up into CrossFire ready motherboard. Gone is the need for a master and slave card configuration, presenting the convenience of a internal CrossFire connector. The ribbon type CrossFire bridge will be used between two RX2900XT’s communication.

The MSI RX2900XT series delivers powerful graphics performance, improved stability, and an immersive HD gaming experience for Windows Vista™. ATI Catalyst software is designed for quick setup of graphics, video, and multiple displays, and automatically configures optimal system settings for lifelike DirectX 10 gaming and the visually stunning Windows Aero™ user interface.