MSI launches graphics cards with large 9cm fan for fast high heat dissipation with low noise

MSI has unveiled the R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 graphics cards. The both MSI R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 graphic cards equip a surprisingly large 9cm fan which provides high heat dissipation with low noise. Both cards 9cm large fan runs about 1000 rpm less (~2800 rpm) and produces a whopping 56 CFM air flow. This difference is a 60% increase in efficiency, while, at the same time, creating a quieter environment because of the slower speed. The two cards also equip a copper base, big heatsink area and dual heat pipes design. The MSI R4870-MD1G and R4870-MD512 equip the best class solid capacitors; the design ensures a 5000 hour lifespan under 105°C environment. This lifespan doubles for every 10 degrees below 105°C.

MSI designed these two cards to be perfect for gamers demanding performance, quality, and low-temperature operation by equipping them with an extra large fan, an extra cool cooling system, and extra long lifespan components. Featuring all three – HDMI, DVI and D-Sub (VGA) – major display output, these two cards are sure to please those looking for big-screen LCD monitor or LCD TV display