MSI launches Ultra-small Size Low Cost PC

MSI has launched its two latest high-end and low-end Low Cost PCs with an appearance size of 300x65x240mm and a volume capacity of only 4.7 liters. It is designed to save space and easy to move around. It offers practical functionality for both home users and enterprises and all the essential functions to streamline operations. These Low Cost PCs from MSI provide a stylish and slick solution that will not look out of place in even the most elegant surroundings. The latest Intel platform is designed specifically for the cost-effective systems. It utilizes the latest 45nm processor with a clock speeds up to 1.6Hz and a 2.5w overall power consumption which provides a unique superior performance per watt. It comes with DDR2 memory, expandable up to a maximum 2GB; it’s simply the best platform for future capacity expansions. The chipset fully supports the Microsoft DirectX 9; users can easily install the Microsoft Vista.

Because of the ultra-low-power processor, MSI Low Cost PC consumes less than 60W of power. Since the power consumption is low, it permits stable operation. MSI Low Cost PC provides a very low noise level which is perfect for those who want a peace and quiet working environment.