MSI N260GTX Lightning- World’s first unique and powerful graphics card with 10 phase power PWM

MSI announced the release of greatest custom designed GeForce GTX 260 – MSI N260GTX Lightning. To further satisfy users’ request of high durability and product stability, MSI N260GTX Lightning introduced the brand new standard of graphics cards called “Military Class” which redefine the standard of top quality. In addition, with 1792MB double-sized memory and dual fan design, MSI N260GTX Lightning becomes the most unique GeForce GTX260 in the market! AirForce Panel, the exclusive bundled device, uses the touch panel to provide the complete voltage and clock settings. Just simply press the panel to overclock the card. MSI N260GTX Lightning is the world’s first graphics card with 10 phase power PWM. Among the 10 phase power PWM, 8 Phase PWM are for GPU to greatly improve the total power supply and stability.

The dual PWM fan design with five heat pipes ensures the best heat dissipation and lower working temperature. The doubled memory size on board makes MSI N260GTX Lightning become the most unique and powerful GeForce GTX260 graphics card!