MSI N450GTS Cyclone Series Graphics Card with Cyclone Thermal Design lowers Temperatures by 17 °C

MSI today officially launched the N450GTS Cyclone series of graphics cards, which are equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 GPU core. With MSI-exclusive Cyclone thermal design and a 9cm PWM fan, not only its airflow enhanced by 50%, but a whopping 17 °C temperature reduction can be achieved when compared the reference design. Using MSI’s exclusive overclocking software, Afterburner, users can adjust the GPU voltage and increase the overclocking rate significantly. The N450GTS Cyclone series of graphics cards is equipped with all-solid capacitor components and offers users a highly stable product with a long lifespan.

The MSI N450GTS Cyclone graphics card series supports both PhysX and 3D Vision technology. PhysX technology makes graphics more realistic and detailed, and 3D Vision technology can bring users enter a real stereo world to experience the joy of visual entertainment delivered by 3D games and movies.