MSI N580GTX HydroGen water-cooled graphics card reduces operating temperatures by up to 24°C

MSI unveiled today the all new N580GTX HydroGen equipped with MSI’s proprietary HydroGen all copper waterblock and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580’s top of the line graphics core. The HydroGen waterblock is MSI’s industry-leading graphics card cooling solution featuring All-Copper construction and Micro-Channel technology for faster water flow and enhanced GPU cooling. Its HydroGen technology reduces operating temperatures by up to 24°C compared to the reference design, and is completely silent! When used along with the Afterburner overclocking software developed by MSI, the GPU voltage can be increased to boost overclocking potential.

Real-time monitoring for core temperature and memory usage is also supported to keep players in control of their card’s running condition. Solid capacitors are used exclusively on the N580GTX Hydrogen, significantly increasing service life and stability as well.