MSI N9800GX2 Worlds fastest graphics card

MSI unveiled its latest MSI N9800GX2 Series graphics card today. Beautifully designed and engineered for extreme graphics performance, the MSI N9800GX2 Series is an ultra-powered, dual GPU-based graphics card that provides a complete, high definition entertainment and gaming solution for the PC. MSI N9800GX2 Series comes with total 256 units stream processors and a combined 512-bit memory interface. With NVIDIA HybridPower technology, two on-board GPUs and total 1GB graphics memory built-in, MSI N9800GX2 Series is undoubtedly the fastest graphics card available – up to 50% faster than GeForce 8800 Ultra.
MSI N9800GX2.jpg

SLI.jpgNVIDIA HybridPower technology delivers graphics performance when you need it and low-power operation when you don’t. HybridPower technology lets you switch from your GeForce 9800 GX2-based graphics card to your motherboard GeForce GPU when running less graphically-intensive applications for a silent, low power PC experience.