MSI Projector PC projects up to 60 inches of full HD content

MSI has unveiled the MSI Projector PC concept product at the CES. MSI believes the concept product will redefine the way consumers will interact with digital information in their homes. Combing the brilliance of a projector with the versatility of a PC, the MSI Projector PC is a full-featured PC that instead of a screen includes a built-in HD-quality projector that allows users to project on any wall in their house. Viewing movies with family and friends has never been easier with the Projector PC. Instead of being huddled around a computer, or crowding a TV in the living room, the Projector PC effortlessly projects up to 60 inches of full HD content.

MSI Projector PC is designed to project directly on a wall or screen, or by using its attachable stand, be rotated 90 degrees to turn any ceiling into an alternative movie experience.