MSI to launch worlds’ first anion Notebook!

MSI_CeBIT.jpgMSI notebook will demonstrate its Green Concept product design at CeBIT. Combining today’s advanced computer technology and anion technology to create the worlds’ first anion notebook, the MSI “Green Design” notebook features the release of high concentration anions for cleaning and purifying the air. Even when you are confined to a small area, you can still enjoy the benefits of clean air anywhere. Notebook has become today’s work partner of businessmen and women, professionals, students and even homemakers. However, prolonged use of computers, as well as insufficient ventilation in indoor spaces is more likely to cause physical fatigue and various health problems.

Anion is the vitamin of the air. It enhances the body’s condition, promotes nervous stability and recovery from fatigue, and encourages circulation of halted blood. MSI’s main theme for this year’s CeBIT is “ECOlution”, short for eco-friendly and environmental evolution.